Television In Development

Red Oak Red Oak is a dramatic television series about middle-class black people. Based in the musical hotbed of Atlanta, Red Oak centers around three families: the Hartwell's, the Parker's and the Black's and the everyday good and evil they face. With the constant array of characters coming in and out of their lives, the stories are sure to captivate the audience.

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Films in Development

Stuck On Broke   What happens when the wrong way is the only way?  Living with, no money, no hope and no future, one man  decides to make a change. Is it a change for the  better  or a change for the worse? Be careful what you wish  for because it might come true.

Illegal Procedure  A football star beats a murder rap by faking his own death and changing his identity. But he can't escape his past when a familiar face moves into the neighborhood. In this ultimate game of cat and mouse one man proves that brains always wins out over brawn.

The Black Ops    To Kill or not to kill Demond Carter has one second to make that profound decision. Having spent nearly ten years working for a  special  government unit he must decide to murder his best friends nephew or suffer the consequences for not following orders. In the gripping tale of art verses reality Rapper Razor Sharp discovers that life is much deeper than the violent lyrics he performs. 

The Last Day of Summer   Why do bad things happen to good people?

Three Times A Baby   A Senator dogged by scandal commits the ultimate fax  pas. What happens when you combine a snoopy reporter, a  confirmed womanizer, and three pregnant women? A young man finds out that money and prestige don’t always transcend into responsibility.

A Love So Strong   Decisions in your past can have a profound effect on your future.

Council   One man's problem is another man's fortune. At what cost would you help an old friend when all  signs point to him. Never make assumptions until the evidence is in.